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Full Version: [char] frozen [progress+release]
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well i rely dont care if its 4 frames or 7 as long as it looks good in game its fine by me.
[Image: frozenqu2.gif]
just a little bit slower...
also there are some wird pixels ;)
imo it should look like this:
[Image: bgzavlkoo4ne7bsxv.jpg]

of course not that crappy :P

actually i said nothing about the gif :P
that just the gif going fast guys, calm down.
since u dont have an idea for a finishin move,
how about he takes out an arcitic bow (not like henry,but an interestin one,with ice)..and then he summons an ice arrow and hits it to the air..and it rains ice shards !
tried bamboori's advice on how to make those frame order... turned out pretty good actually.
i finished all ball shooting stances. and here they are made them to this order:
[Image: ballb.png]

outcome gif:
[Image: balln.gif]

UPDATE: i done a lot of thinking and i thought frozen has enough moves... no need for a finishing one. so far i have:
-rapid ice ball shooting D>A
-freezing uppercut D^A
-freezing punch DVA
-frozen's reinforced impact D>J
-self freeze DVJ

so add more on enough? cuz if any one doesnt have any good ideas i will release him quickly. i am one sprite sheet away from the finish line.
im wondering about how rapid he will be able to shoot the balls?
cause they should cost much mana or be VERY weak, like davis' ones (or even weaker)

oh almost forgot:
[Image: bh1dv87v9caf7q9cm.png]
also it would be great to have at least one ending frame for each ball-throw.
hey, to be honest, your old remake was better. oh, and the image,
the top row fourth frame needs glow.
And the last row, third and fourth frame too.
(02-28-2010, 04:55 PM)JoshEX Wrote: [ -> ]to be honest, your old remake was better.

ghaa.. i can believe you like those old noobish sprites, i made them with just paint and simply done some blurring... but these new ones are good i think, made by photoshop smooth well shaded and all.

oh an can you believe it or not i am done with the sprites. i only have one just ONE stupid little frame and i am done. but the feeling of laziness just overwhelmed me. any one gotta cure for laziness?
any way i wont post the last sheet now cuz it looks stupid with a white whole in the middle. so yeah maybe a bit later after an hour or so...
nice glad ur almost done. I guess you can take a shower or a walk. nothing really but getting away for a bit helps.

Also why is there a white cat on the top of this page.... its freaking me out. I've never noticed it before.
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