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Full Version: [char] frozen [progress+release]
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(03-23-2010, 11:36 AM)SparK Wrote: [ -> ]about the falling ice things... you made them falling around the attack
wouldn't it be better for them to fall into the attack?
like, stabbing that bandit while you uppercut him?
i think it would increase the combo damage.

(03-23-2010, 11:37 AM)dubbleD Wrote: [ -> ]i reckon if youre gonna use small shards of ice, its better that they do normal hit that make blood appear rather than freeze people. imo it would be more balanced and wont look that much over powered

no and... no not gonna use that attack remember we said "snow storm"
oh my bad i should read the thread more thoroughly next time =P
I think you should change the beam thing, it just looks...awkward. The ice balls don't fit his style either...he's supposed to be a melee char, but i can easily walk away and spam the balls...all dead. Mwahahaha! Although it can be used as a distraction to get up close and give them the ol' one two.
this might come a bit late... but i didn't try the char before now
so this is what could be improved (imo):
-the beam doesn't fit, i think some1 already mentioned it
-the d^j (circle thing?) was kinda unnecessary when dvj worked better for me
-the ice balls could have an itr before they fly up, so it could work sort of a close range move too
-the uppercut's itr could have a bit bigger area cause (for me atleast) it missed more than normally with davis
Snowstorm blowin enemys far from you ^^ Like vrest:20 + dvx:30 + injury/fall:0/-1 + huge area
(04-24-2010, 10:50 AM)prince_freeza Wrote: [ -> ]to finish him really fast...
I just died inside when you said that. Do not even think of rushing through the character. Seriously.

Also, I am sure that somebody of us will move him to the download section sooner or later. Do go panic just because Simon decides to do an upload-rant.

@ v: I did not state this.
about the snow storm i never made a snow storm before but i had this idea... in kingdom lf2 by mh razen there are those rain sprites i saw after you finish stage 1 so i thought i might use the for the storm with some editing of mine to make it look more as a snow storm... opinion?

UPDATE: or maybe how about this? he freezes him self to defend against enemy's but that frame will be removed ill probably put a more powerful pose than that so whaddya think?

[Image: frozendefend.png]
That sounds pretty cool. However, computer enemies like bandit are pretty dumb and will just run on you over and over again( and high mp-costs would make it kinda useless). I'd either make the attack destroyable after x hits or use the ice-cocon you brought up earlier. Like you stay in this cocon until you press A letting it explode into ice shards hurting the enemy.
(04-24-2010, 04:16 PM)Reaper Wrote: [ -> ]you stay in this cocon until you press A letting it explode into ice shards hurting the enemy.

Isn't that a little overpowered? Firstly, you defend yourself against all damage and then injure proximate opponents? Either one should be enough.
Thing is... What is the point of a defense attack if the enemies simply stay where they are and wait? Of course, if you have teammates they might help you, but if not... And doing damage just once is definitely weaker than having a hurting shield.
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