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Full Version: [char] frozen [progress+release]
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well here is a finished attack but i think it doesnt count its too easy:
[Image: ballw.gif]
have some more stuff that i got to finish for this guy...
just a lil question
which gif maker or something else do you use?
well i recorde it with easy screen capture video first then convert it with eximiussoft gif creator...why??
do reccomend a good prog?
isn't that kind of off topic?
btw nice gif but i already saw it xD
nice gif like the power balls or ice balls whatever it is but it looks good.
thanks all...frozen is in progress...
The y-cord of the opoint shouldn't be that high, the balls are ways to close to the ground
u mean i should make them higher??! if so that's done..
I see you gave Frozen poses like Darius.
Remember what I did to DariusJMOD?

I'll give you a hint:
It looks weird when a character moves his feet whilst shooting balls but doesn't change position. Moonwalking = uncommon in LF2 ;P

You're a great spriter and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.
actualy i took those poses from frozen and gave them to darius well not all just first two cuz i never thouth i'll finish frozen...
as for the hint i better make him move a bit forward not a lot...some with the ..dvx.. i think??i am not much of a dcer...
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