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Full Version: [char] frozen [progress+release]
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bunch of adulators ...

okay now i got about three notifications on this - one from prince freeza of course
time to have my say

first of all i have to say: not too bad
i do like the spikey hair versions - but it doesn fit in with steams character sketch or the face picture i created, so i would stick with more henry like hair, even if it could perhaps be a bit cleaner
for the cloths color why dont you just stick everything you changed onto my original body - voila you get the right/original color ... not?

about the face
funny, now i know where your avatar is derived from - i seriously didn recognize it
kinda weird tho because on every case you didnt use the latest images of frozen
this face kinda sucks in general, the current standing/breathing is a bit more detailed and i had already done the D>A move
but i wanted to remake quite a few frames on that one

the official forum with the thread and the animations for the last progress is currently down and i dont want to rerecord or create the gifs to display these things now
so the files im showing here might not actually be the truly latest things (which i would have to render from my work psd)

so here a few more up to date sources to work with
possibly latest face?:[attachment=1290]
sprites for the first move and standing:[attachment=1291]
first concept based on steams sketch:[attachment=1289]

i do have to admit that i dont have the time to continue working on him now
and yes it is a shame but my current priorities lie elsewhere
i do give permission to anyone working on his own version of frozen as im happy to be inspiring ppl and i too dont want to see him go to waste either - of course id be happy to see credits for steam (original concept) and me (sprite/face base)
note that steam told me he dint really think of frozen as a fusion of davis and freeze - but when i saw the sketches i was 100% sure thats what he has to be

and be warned - i might possibly someday really fully sprite all his basic actions and the two missing moves :p (and well do the data - whole crunch sh*t)
if you cant wait for someday then you have to do your own - if you consider that a waste of time in respect to the result and rather have it spoonfed from me you gotta keep bugging me

pretty much it?
wow thank u yin yin. i saw the last versoin of the frozen_f the one that u posted above many times but for a reason that i dont know i like the first one that i posted earlier more (dont know why) also i saw ur thread at lf official forum very the henry hair ver. but how do u do it?? thats my general thanks yinyin.
hey again. here is a pic of frozen that i made my self:[Image: 36434977.png]
took firzens body and repainted the arms and body the only thing i took from yin yins ver. is the head and bandages aroun the hands thats all so does it look original??
great it looks like it,but not much.....
here is the breathing stance:
[Image: standv.gif]
done from scratch!
Wait - how could you do that from scratch?
if you made it using YinYin's Sprite? :confused:
no i just took yin yin head thats all the rest is that i took firzens body and removed the sleves and made him arms edited the pants.
look the body might look like yin yins but its not i can show u basic steps how i made it!
It still looks the same to me :)
but i do see little difference...
it's better if you made a version on scratch (piece of paper)
then work it on the computer...
your ideal of Frozon - so that it doesn't look like YinYin's...
I prefer the original.
Your newest version is too skinny in my opinion ;s
ok i made a ball for frozen this time not like firzens i decided that it would be more original so here:
[Image: frozenblast.gif]
as for the ball pic coming right up just a sec..
ok is this ball enough original for him??
[Image: fxgdfy.png]
cmmon whatddya think?
Dang - wish I could do use photofilter or make it by hand? :confused:
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