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Full Version: [char] frozen [progress+release]
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maybe you could ask yinyin what attacks he could have

and yes i'm looking for an gif converter because my currently has tons of adds
well u can always use camtasia it records and converts to gif with out those watr marks <non registered>
unfortunatily i can't
because i'm using (Shame) win 98
How far is ur progress on frozen?
If u still haven't decided what the ball should do...
[Image: balle.gif]
then maybe make it hold the opponent for a while with hurtable 1 and freeze him with last frames.
offtopic: needed my first post so i can pm :)
phew....sheet_0 will be finished one hour working on him is really taking time..u actually have to replace every thing in his body..
btw how should i make the defence look like?? i need something original any ideas?
like hes making a column of ice.
or he freezes him self.
Self freeze could be a skill - if opponent punches him, then the enemy turns to ice and if ball hits the ice just breaks leaving frozen unharmed mb rebound blasts or something.
Make a normal def unless you are ok if he comes out overpowered.
I'd say that you should stick to a normal, weak defense. It fits his style best.
He should really have a self-freeze skill.
Not one where he's standing still, but one with some dynamic-ness in it.

For example self-freeze while dashing would be surely awesome.
But PLEASE, make new frozen sprites for the attack. If you use it.
maybe something like this:
[Image: 14145223.png]
maybe also add that glow from the freeze ball (sparkle like)
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