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Made by: YinYin

Curly Brace is the female combat robot from Cave Story. During the previous contest (#19) I decided to turn her into a playable LF2 character. The design was inspired by this and I am also using the gun from it. Since the contest I let people who liked the sprite test two alpha versions and got a lot of great feedback (some of which I haven't actually been able to address yet). And now that all her core features are finally done I would love to get even more feedback on the first beta. (especially from those who have not tried her before/were more critical of the first sprites)

As a ranged character armed with a machine gun this is a pretty experimental project:
Press and hold attack to shoot, but try not to overheat it or it will explode right in your hands.
The mp bar will display the weapons accumulated heat. If it is too high, trying to shoot will instead trigger its emergency cooling.
-- written by YinYin

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