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Made by: Alblaka

Many know the famous mage John, master of the pure magic and capable of using powerful healing spells. Only a few know, that he has a brother: Jamel. Born one year after his older brother, Jamel was damned to never get the same attention as him. He was never able to reach the same magic abilitys as John, his own forces were to weak. But after a serious clash between both brothers, Jamel, who had lost the mage duel, of course, decided he had to do something. He left his home, travelled far through the little-world and somewhen he discovered an ancient ruin. After entering it, he found a secret scroll, telling the powerful and mystic secrets of the elemental magic.

Now, two years of studies and hard work later, Jamel came back to prove his parents and the rest of the world, that he got far stronger than his brother ever will...

Jamel is a recolored John with a (at least kinda) complete new fighting system: Instead simply doing moves, he summons elementals...
...which fight for him. But even more, he uses them as "fuel" for his really powerful spells.
So you don't need mp for a hyper-finishing-move, but elementals, which you have to summon first with mp.

Sounds complicated, huh? ^^

Jamel isn't as easy and simple as the most chars, but exspecially his wide field of abilitys makes him much fun to play.

As noted above, pressing A won't make Jamel punching or otherway attacking his enemy.
Instead it will make Jamel using one of his basic abilitys: Elemental Summoning!

With many basic moves like attacking (A , Fire/Water), Double-Jumps (Press D while mid-air, Wind) or defending (D + ... , Earth) Jamel will automatically summon elemental allie). This nice guys are using only theire own kind of element for attacking and performing moves and can be useful for either attacking or annoying the enemy. On the other hand, they usually disappear after only one hit...

In game you will need to use this ability mainly. Summoning some elementals will often give you the time to evade from melee or to prepare a spell as counter-attack. Also, you can use elementals as personal shield or for other purposes.

Spellcasting is the major ability of Jamel to deal real damage to opponents (or to cause other useful effects). To use a spell you will have to press DJA (75 mp) to activate the Spell Mode. Then you can enter a key combination to unleash the true power of your Elemental Magic. Note, that you won't need mp to use spells (besides the first 75 one), but instead your spells will "consume" elementals. In bad situation casting a spell can take you all your allies, in the worst you won't even have enough elementals and nothing will happen (besides your elementals disappearing). If you have "stored" elementals in your armor, they will mostly be used first for a spell. After using up your armor storage, the spell will search elementals on other places. Note, that only not-actioning (standing, walking, running) elementals will be used for spells, not the actually fighting ones.

So, here you get some nice screenshots from some moves of the char ^^
You want to attack me? Fine, try it...

Watch your feet, Water Elementals love to make you slipping!

Storm Snake!

You fool, now i will bury you beyond tons of stone...

Hmmm, he escaped... but the burning ground looks nice though.
-- written by Alblaka

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