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Made by:
Conrad Leung
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Conrad Leung's R-LF2 is definitely one of the most prominent mods around, often surpassing the original LF2 in terms of popularity. Every character is completely reinforced and even the subcharacters are stronger than they are in the official version of LF2. Each character also has a secret "Hell-move," a very flashy and impressive attack that can deal massive amounts of damage to anyone unfortunate enough to stand in it's way. For a while, R-LF2 was something of an enigma in terms of data changing. CL was able to "lock" R-LF2's data files so people would not be able to use a standard data changer to open them. However, there are some programs that can decrypt R-LF2's data files. Overall, the challenge of inputting the characters' Hell-moves and the completeness of R-LF2's extensive content provides hours of enjoyment and a great deal of replay value.
Reinforced Little Fighter 2

by Conrad Leung
Reinforced Little Fighter Homepage:

Special Readme

R-LF2 Data

The dat-files of R-LF2 cannot be opened with the normal Data Changer, but there are still some ways to decipher them - you'll find all tools you need here.

1) Open with temporary.txt

First, go to the folder "sprite/sys" and move one picture of the character you want the data from to the desktop. Next, start the game and wait. An error ("Can't create surface") will occur because of the missing picture.
Before you confirm the message, go to the "data" folder and open the textfile "temporary.txt"  - the complete code will be shown there now. What you do with it now is your choice. To make the game workable again, move the picture back to "sprite/sys".

2) Open with Decrypt-Program

The Decrypter is able to decode dat-files from R-LF2. In order to do this, move the program to the folder "data" and start it. You have to type the name of the file you want to have decoded - always with the ending ".dat". Next, you have to set up the target-file - with the ending ".txt".
The bad thing about the code in the textfile is that there're quadrats instead of a new lines. If you want to see the code in the normal way, just copy and paste everything into Microsoft Word - the quadrats will automatically turn back into new lines.
Happy Coding!

3) Open with RaMMicHaeL's Data Changer

RaMMicHaeL's data changer can also open R-LF2 data files. It's much easier to use his data changer to view R-LF2 data than to use one of the methods above.

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