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LF2 uses various states to change frame-properties. This page serves as a reference to the numbers used and built in into the game. Each state explanation is divided into two parts: 1) a brief description for getting a quick overview and for novice data changers and 2) a more technical note (indicated by Technical note) for advanced data changers that wish to understand the mechanisms behind. Latter are provided by rewlf2 and are more or less directly copied from his thread.

Technical note

These notes include research results of Managing playable type: 3, 5 characters, which is highly abstract.
The essay will frequently use terms regarding state machines, and will have a sick amount of pragmatic (and possibly incomprehensible) code and psuedocode. I would use code similar to this:

frame XXX

if (some condition)
 do something
 do something
 do something else

frame XXX_end
Although a player character and non-player character are designed to be type: 0, there will be a lot of facts which are tested by using non-type: 0 characters.
Because of that there are a lot of possibly unwanted information but I will try to show the final results clearly.

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